Electrical Power Laboratory Test Sets

The Electrical Power Laboratory Test Set (EPLTS) System provides a complete platform for practical Power Electronics teaching. They offer tertiary institutions a robust, standardized platform for both Power Electronic laboratory experiments and developmental project work.

The EPLTS System consists of:

ULK-INV4 - 4 Phase IGBT Inverter Test Set


The ULK-INV4 is a 4-phase leg inverter system developed specifically for the Power Electronics teaching environment. It provides both undergraduate and postgraduate students with a complete, flexible, digitally controlled low power (2kW) inverter platform.

  • User Selectable/Configurable Operating Modes
  • Supported Topologies: Buck Converter, Boost Converter, Phase Shifted Square Wave (PSSW) DC/DC Converter, Single Phase, Three Phase or Four Phase Inverters
  • 2kW Power Stage
  • Built-in Protection
  • PC User Interface
  • User Programmable

ULK-INV4 Brochure.

ULK-THY3 - 3 Phase Controlled Rectifier Test Set


The ULK-THY3 is a flexible 3-phase thyristor rectifier system developed for the Power Electronics teaching environment to provide both undergraduate and postgraduate students with a complete, flexible, digitally controlled low power (415Vac, 5A) thyristor rectifier platform.

  • Simple single or three phase diode rectifier
  • Thyristor Phase control
  • User selectable series input inductance
  • Independent Synchronizing voltage input
  • Half-wave/Full-wave Rectification
  • LCD Status Display
  • User selectable firing angles

ULK-THY3 Brochure.

ULK-LOD1 - DC Load Box Test Set

DC Load Box

The ULK-LOD1 is a flexible Single Phase/DC Load box.

  • Developed to complement the ULK-THY3 and ULK-INV4
  • User Selectable Series Inductance
  • User Selectable Series Resistance (1kW rated)
  • Fan forced cooling, with interlock
  • User Selectable Capacitance (Polarized and Non-Polarized)
  • The ULK-LOD1 has been developed to work in conjunction with the Lab Experiments to provide an integrated teaching environment for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

    ULK-LOD1 Brochure.

    Power Electronics Lab Experiments

    Lab Experiments

    The Power Electronics Lab Experiments are tailored to the EPLTS hardware platforms. They present a comprehensive range of experiments ranging from fundamental power electronic switching concepts, such as diode rectification, through to closed loop current regulation of a multi-phase inverter.

  • Lab Experiments are free to API affiliated teaching institutions with ELPTS hardware.
  • Comprehensive Range of Laboratory Experiments
  • Proven Undergraduate Teaching Course
  • Progressive Experimental Sequence
  • Clear and Detailed Instructions
  • Extension Options for Advanced Students
  • Lab Experiments Brochure.


    Safety within the undergraduate power laboratory is paramount and the EPLTS range incorporates many essential safety features.

    • All power and measurement connections made via fully shrouded safety 4mm sockets
    • Complete galvanicĀ isolation for all user control interfaces
    • Controllers are separately powered from the power stage
    • Separate controller power enables operation from near zero voltages up to the power stage's maximum power ratings
    • The ULK-LOD1 has an interlock to protect against operation without fan cooling
    • Software fault detection power stage shutdown
    • Fuse Protection of power signals
    • Earthed Case


    Each test set is easily reconfigurable, allowing them to be used in experiments ranging from single diode rectification to switching of multi-phase inverters.

    The EPLTS also supports custom programming. Standard library support structures are available to aid software development and postgraduate research work.

    Controller upgrades are available that include the latest Texas Instruments Microcontrollers.

    EPLTS Boxes