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30kVA Inverter + AVR

The 30kVA Inverter is an AC to AC Module capable of producing a 400VAC line-line sine-wave, nominal 50-60Hz, 3 phase output from a 3 phase 35-115Hz variable frequency, variable voltage input.

The Inverter has an optional front end Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Module. This enables the system to regulate the output voltage of a Diesel Machine by directly driving the generator field excitation current.

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DC-DC Converters (5kW & 15kW)

The 15kW DC-DC Converter is an isolated uni-directional DC to DC converter primarily tailored for operation with a 60-120V rated Fuel Cell power source. Modules can be paralleled

Also available in a 5kW DC-DC Converter with an input voltage range (30-60V) suited to lower power Hydrogen Fuel Cells.

Both systems produce a 650V DC output voltage, compatible with grid connected inverters.

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5kVA 3-Phase Grid Connected Inverter

The 5kVA Inverter is a Grid-Connected Active Rectifier/VSI that interfaces directly with a 400-415VAC line-line, nominal 50-60Hz, 3 phase grid.

The Inverter utilises leading edge algorithmic techniques to maintain synchronisation during brown out events, transients and through fluctuations in grid frequency.

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Electrical Power Laboratory Test Sets

The Electrical Power Laboratory Test Sets (EPLTS) offer tertiary institutions robust, low cost IGBT and Thyristor Power Electronic converter platforms that can be used for both standardized laboratory experiments and individual undergraduate and postgraduate design or research projects.

The power stages are rated at 2kW and provide a comprehensive range of configuration options.

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