Creative Power provides products and services to various markets including Universities and other educational institutions, local and international industry as well as through third-party sales.

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Educational Institutions

Custom Design

Creative Power provides products and services to Universities and other educational institutions, both locally and internationally.

Products of particular interest to Educational Institutions include:

  • The Electrical Power Laboratory Test Set (EPLTS) converters are ideal for University teaching laboratories
  • The Microgrid Inverter range including the customized 5kVA Grid Connected Inverter, and Isolated DC/DC Converters
  • Support TMS320F28xx Software Libraries to enable university groups to develop their own software running on CPT platforms - contact CPT directly
  • Industry

    PCB Layout

    Creative Power has developed and provided products and services to many local and international markets. Creative Power specializes in developing products in conjunction with customers to meet their specific needs. This gives customers access to leading edge power electronic design capacity without having to maintain an in-house capability.

    Creative Power's product development capability enables it to effectively tackle custom projects from sub 50W power supplies to 750kW+ integrated designs. Creative Power's core controller board range enables solutions to be tailored to specific customer requirements.