Creative Power Technologies offers services ranging from overall custom product design, to prototyping and sub-contract manufacturing management of the finished product.

Creative Power Technologies primarily provides system design and development for end customers to integrate into either their own or CPT-designed systems. Our broad product base is centred around generic microprocessor/MCU building blocks and a core software base that has been developed and refined over more than 10 years.


Custom Design & Development

Custom Design

Over sixty years combined experience in the development of novel, leading-edge designs to meet our clients need.

Creative Power specializes in integration of Power Electronic based custom solutions.

PCB Layout

PCB Layout

Creative Power has expertise developed over 30+ years in Printed Circuit Board design and layout.

Our circuit layout specialization is in the very difficult area of Power Electronic systems development.

  • Altium Designer based board designs
  • Digital, Analog and Mixed signal layouts
  • Power Electronic Power Stage Layout
  • Gate Driver Layout
  • MCAD - ECAD Integration

PCB Assembly & Testing Management

PCB Assembly

Creative Power Technologies can manage your circuit board manufacturing.

Our service includes:

  • Circuit Board Design and Development
  • Component procurement, with an extensive in-house inventory
  • Liaising with PCB Assemblers
  • Streamlining Test Processes
  • Day-to-day management of the overall assembly process
  • Detailed assembly testing
  • Software integration, including test software development

Microcontroller Software Development


Creative Power's Engineers have been programming microprocessor systems since the 1980s and have extensive experience on both hardware and software development on a range of Microcontroller platforms.



As a direct result of our experience with Power Electronic converters we are able to provide a highly effective fault diagnosis and servicing facility.

  • Inverter Power Stage Diagnosis
  • Battery Charger Fault Diagnosis
  • Failure Analysis
  • Detailed Service Reporting
  • Analysis of Interacting Elements on a System Wide Basis
  • Support for servicing Obsolete systems