Load Test Set (ULK-LOD1)


The ULK-LOD1 is a flexible Single-Phase/DC Load developed to operate in conjunction with the ULK-THY3 thyristor rectifier or ULK-INV4 inverter systems. These systems were developed for the Power Electronics teaching environment to provide both undergraduate and postgraduate students with a complete, flexible, digitally controlled low power Power Electronic platform.

The ULK-LOD1 contains a tapped inductor, resistive and capacitive elements with switches that enable students to explore the effects of different load types on thyristor rectified outputs.

In addition the unit can be used as a single-phase inverter load.

The ULK-LOD1 is interlock protected against operation without the cooling fan.



  • Safety Shrouded 4mm Socket Power connections
  • Switch and Socket Selectable configuration options
  • Support for in-line clamp-on current meters
  • Supports Multiple Load configurations:
    • Resistive
    • Inductive
    • Capacitive
    • Series Inductive-Resistive
    • Series Inductor, with parallel Resistive/Capacitive
    • Parallel Resistive/Capacitive
    • Series Inductive-Capacitive
    • Freewheeling diode (for inductive loads)
  • Fuse Protected
  • Reverse Polarity protection on Electrolytic Capacitance
  • Freewheeling Diode
  • Fan Forced cooling
  • Safety Interlock – Control Power must be present for load to be enabled.



    Input Voltage:0-200VDC, 0-200VAC(rms)
    Input Current:5ADC, 5Arms
    Ambient Temperature:-5°C to 55°C
    Configuration:Switch Selectable
    Section 1 ON only:50 Ω, 750 W rated
    Section 2 ON only:150 Ω, 250 W rated
    Section 1 and 2 ON:37.5 Ω, 1 kW rated
    Configuration:Rotary Switch Selectable
    Position 1:0 mH
    Position 2:50 mH
    Position 3:200 mH
    Configuration:Switch Selectable
    Switch 1 ON only:2200 uF (DC Loads Only)
    includes reverse polarity protection
    Switch 2 ON only:60 uF (DC or AC loads)
    Freewheeling Diode
    Configuration:Switch Selectable
    Switch 1 ON:Provides freewheeling path for Inductor current
    Operation:Only use with DC loads
    Fuses:2 off
    Interlock:Control Power required before load connection enabled
    Reverse Polarity:Yes - Electrolytic Capacitors
    Connectors:Safety Shrouded 4mm Sockets
    Control Supply
    Input Voltage220-265V /47-63 Hz AC input
    OptionsAlternative supply range available
    - specify at point of order
    Dimensions (DxLxH) mm330 x 410 x 283