TMS320F28075 based MCU boards


The TMS320F2807x microcontroller forms part of Texas Instruments "Piccolo" family and suited to digital control-based applications, such as inverters, rectifiers, battery chargers and renewable energy.

The TMS320F28075 is code compatible with Texas Instruments 28x range.

The CPT-DF28075, which incorporates the TMS320F28075PTP MCU, is part of CPT's new DF Series. This is a dedicated TMS320F28075PTP platform with external interfacing to the DF Series Inverter Controller Motherboard and Communication Peripherals Cards.

The DF Series uses a standard interface across the entire DF Series Microcontroller Platform range.

Note the CPT-DF28075 is custom order variations of the DF Series Board with a minimum order quantity attached. The CPT-DF28377D, with the TMS320F28377D is the standard model.

CPT-DF28075 - DF Series Compatible TMS320F28075 Controller

  • Texas Instruments Piccolo TMS320F28075 MCU
  • 1Mbit Serial Flash (supports up to 16Mbit)
  • Boot Mode Selection
  • 86 Individually Programmable, Multiplexed General-Purpose Input/Output Pins
  • 20 External 12-bit Channels with Glitch Filtering and Clamping
  • 26 way 2mm Analog Header
  • 2 off 20 way 2mm Digital Headers
  • 1 off 26 way 2mm Digital Headers
  • 1 off 26 way 2mm Digital Communications Header
  • Power LED
  • On-card Regulation (+3.3V/+1.2V) Generation
  • 5V Supply
  • Programming via DF Series JTAG USB interface
  • Compatible with DF Series Motherboards
  • Compatible with DF Series Communications Cards
  • Special Order, Minimum Order Quantity Applies