3-Phase Controlled Rectifier Test Set (ULK-THY3)


The ULK-THY3 System is a 3-Phase Thyristor (SCR) Rectifier designed specifically for the Power Electronics teaching environment. It provides both undergraduate and postgraduate students with a complete digitally controlled low power thyristor rectifier platform.

The system has at its core a standalone Thyristor controller that interfaces to a dedicated Thyristor (SCR) based power stage.

The thyristor controller contains all necessary digital and analog conditioned signals for operation as a controllable 3-phase rectifier.

Firing angle control is available via the front panel knobs, with an LCD to display the present operating conditions.

The ULK-THY3 controller is powered from a universal single-phase input (85 - 265VAC), which is separate to the power stage connections.

Key Features

  • User Selectable Operating Modes
    • Single/Three-Phase
    • Half/Full wave rectification
    • User selectable thyristor firing angle
    • Diode Mode
    • User selectable input inductance
    • Configurable half/full wave output
    • Independent synchronization input
  • Support for in-line clamp-on current meters
  • Analog voltage and current display
  • LCD Operating Status display
  • Built-in protection, with relay disconnect
  • Fuse Protected Power Stage
  • Isolated logic interfaces
  • Simple Interface
  • Safety Shrouded Connectors
  • Built-in software supporting all Thyristor SCR Laboratory Experiments


Power Stage
Thyristor3 Phase Rectifier
Input Voltage0 - 415VAC
Input Current5A maximum
Input Phase InductanceSelectable: 0 / 15 / 30mH
DC Bus CapacitanceExternal
CoolingFan Forced
Ambient Temperature-5°C to 55°C
Analog Measurements
Voltage (internal) DC Bus
3 Phase AC Voltages
Current (internal) DC Rectified Current
3 Phase AC currents
Panel Meters 0 - 600V DC Bus Voltage
0 - 10A DC Current
Synchronization Input
AC Phase Voltage380V (max)
ButtonsStart / Stop
Firing AngleMulti-turn Dial
Mode Selection Half/Full Wave
Single / Three-Phase
InterfacesIsolated USB Serial Port
ProgrammingIsolated JTAG Interface
PC SupportSerial Port Display Compatible
Fuses3 off - Power Stage Inputs
DisconnectInput Relay Disconnect
Over CurrentYes - approximately 12.6A peak
Over VoltageYes - approximately 702V DC Bus
ConnectorsSafety Shrouded 4mm Sockets
Dimensions (WxLxH) mm30 x 420 x 300

Communications Panel

Front Panel

There is an alternative version with both the JTAG and Serial Port connections within the USB port.


  • ULK-THY3 supplied with software supporting all thyristor operating modes.
  • PC based user program for Laboratory Use
  • Default MCU Software image provided on support CD
  • Creative Power can produce custom software variations to suit specific customer requirements.