Power Electronics Lab Experiments

Lab Experiments

The EPLTS System provides a complete platform for practical Power Electronics teaching.

The Power Electronics Lab Experiments are tailored to the EPLTS hardware platforms. They present a comprehensive range of experiments ranging from fundamental power electronic switching concepts, such as diode rectification, through to closed loop current regulation of a multi-phase inverter.


  • Comprehensive Range of Laboratory Experiments
  • Proven Undergraduate Teaching Course
  • Progressive Experimental Sequence
  • Optimised for EPLTS Hardware Platforms
  • Clear and Detailed Instructions
  • Extension Options for Advanced Students
  • Guidelines for Academic Staff
  • Diode and Thyristor Rectification
  • Single and Three-Phase Diode/SCR Experiments
  • DC-DC Buck and Boost Converters
  • DC-AC Single and Three-Phase Leg Inverter
  • Inverter Extendable to Four-Phase Leg Operation
  • Open and Closed Loop Control
  • PC Graphical Interface for Inverter Control
  • Built-in Equipment Protection

Available Experiments

Diode / Thyristor Rectifier Platform Laboratories
Topics Single-Phase Diode Rectifier
Three-Phase Diode Rectifier
Single-Phase Thyristor (SCR) Rectifier
Three-Phase Thyristor (SCR) Rectifier
Concepts Explored Half and full wave rectification into various load combinations
Experimental voltage and currents compared against theory
Influence of source inductance
Phase angle control of SCRs
Inverter Based Platform Laboratories
Topics Buck Converters
Boost Converters
DC/DC H-Bridge
Single-Phase PWM
Three-Phase PWM
Closed Loop Current Regulation
Concepts Explored IGBT Switching
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Fundamentals
Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Switching
Single and Three-Phase Sinusoidal PWM
Space Vector Modulation
Closed-Loop Current Regulation

The following is a list of additional equipment that is required to complete the laboratory experiments as they are designed

Additional Recommended Equipment
Measurement Multi-Channel Oscilloscope
Diff Amps
Clamp-on Current Probes
Power Supplies Single-Phase Variac
Three-Phase Variac
85V-265V AC Power Supply (IEC sockets)
Loads Inductors and Resistive Load Banks for 3-Phase Operation