TMS320F2837x based MCU boards


The Delfino TMS320F2837x contains a 32-bit floating-point Microcontroller unit (MCU) and is available in both single and dual-core configurations. The TMS320F2837xD has a dual-core C28x architecture, with the TMS320F2837xS offering the same functionality in a single-core equivalent.

The DF Series Microcontroller Platforms incorporating the TMS320F2837xS and TMS320F2837xD MCUs have been built into a dedicated MCU card with expansion interfaces to enable easy integration with a reduced footprint Inverter Controller Motherboard.

The TMS320F2837xS and TMS320F2837xD are code compatible with the 28x range.

Controller cards that support the TMS320F2837xS and TMS320F2837xD PTP MCU:

  • The CPT-DFCC cards form part of CPT's new DF Series. These are dedicated TMS320F2837xSPTP / TMS320F2837xDPTP platforms with external interfacing to the DF Series motherboard and communication peripherals.
  • The card is available with a full range of PTP series MCU processors, as described below.

Email Creative Power or Phone for pricing and availability.

Note the CPT-DF28377D, with the TMS320F28377D is the standard model in this range. All other variations have a minimum order quantity attached to them.

CPT-DF2837xS / CPT-DF2837xD - DF Series MCU Platforms

  • Compatible with the following Texas Instruments Microcontrollers
    • supports all Delfino TMS320F2837xS PTP
    • supports all Delfino TMS320F2837xD PTP
    • supports the Piccolo TMS320F2807x PTP
  • 1Mbit Serial Flash (supports up to 16Mbit)
  • 20 off 12-bit 0 - 3 (3.3)V Analog Inputs, with glitch filtering
  • Power LED
  • 85 pins of Multiplexed Generalised Digital I/O
  • Dedicated Communications Interface connector
  • On-card regulator to generate 3.3V/1.2V
  • 5V Supply Voltage
  • Programming via DF Series JTAG USB interface
  • Compatible with DF Series Motherboards
  • Compatible with DF Series Communications Cards