Battery Chargers


Custom Battery Charger Designs ranging in power from 600W-30kW. Operation from either DC or 3 phase ac inputs, including alternators, utilising soft or hard-switched high frequency topologies.

Creative Power has manufactured battery chargers for Traction and in microgrid applications. The following is a combination of recent products available for sale and past product developments.


In addition to these current projects, Creative Power specializes in the development of custom product solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Utilising Creative Power's extensive "building blocks" of controllers and power stage experience, Creative Power can design and construct custom products. CPT is certain that we can provide you with a solution to your problems.

Previous Creative Power developments include a range of University Research platforms, listed under Legacy below. Each of these battery chargers was designed for a specific customer. From these developments and utilising Creative Power 80 years of combined experience Creative Power can develop both uni-directional AND bi-directional solutions.

The first two are available products which can be purchased through our partners, whilst the latter two are an example of an extreme condition battery charger required for high ambient temperature and IP67 conditions that Creative Power previously developed for a customer, and a 5kW Research Bi-Directional Battery Charger that was supplied to multiple research institutions.

30A 14V Alternator Battery Charger

Alternator Based Battery Charger
  • 3 Phase variable Voltage, variable Frequency input
  • Non-Isolated DC/DC power stage
  • Regulated 14V DC Nominal output (compatible with charging 12V batteries)
  • 30A Maximum Current output
  • Alternator Winding Temperature Monitoring
  • Battery Management System compatible
  • Ethernet User Interface
  • Naturally Cooled

450A 28V Regulator

  • 3 Phase variable Voltage, variable Frequency input
  • Non-Isolated DC/DC power stage
  • Regulated 28V DC Nominal output (compatible with charging 24V battery banks)
  • 450A Maximum Current output
  • Battery Management System compatible
  • CAN User Interface
  • Supports Paralleled Operation
  • 85°C Ambient Temperature
  • Water Cooled

-:- Legacy Example - 30kW Battery Charger

30kW Battery Charger
  • Legacy Product - CPT Can Develop equivalent to suit your needs
  • Active Rectifier Front End
  • 3 Phase 415 V AC +/-15% input
  • Isolated DC/DC power stage
  • Regulated 110 V DC Nominal output (110 V DC Battery Bank)
  • 300A Maximum Output Current
  • Battery Management System compatible
  • Underslung Mounting
  • 70°C Ambient Compatible
  • IP67 Rated
  • Monsoon Proof
  • Remote User Interface

The 30 kW battery charger was developed for underslung mounting on a railway coach, with an enclosure that could withstand shock impacts, extreme temperature variations and on occasion Monsoonal flooding. This unit was naturally cooling, and a very robust, rugged construction.

This battery charger contained a double conversion topology, with galvanic isolation. An input active rectifier stage operated from a nominal 415 V AC input Shore Supply to produce an isolated intermediate 650 V DC bus. An isolated DC-DC Converter stepped the voltage down to a rectified, regulated 110V DC output. The Charger was used to provide charging of the battery banks on railway coaches whilst the train was stopped at a station for an extended period, which is common for the long distance trips. This charging was completed using the shore supply, thus removing the need to run the trains onboard power supplies during this time. The need for a fully air-conditioned coach is vital in environments with extreme heat from the moment passengers enter the carriage.

This Model was developed in 2010 and manufactured outside Australia by a third party company to CPT's design.

CPT can design and manufacture equivalent products.

-:- Legacy Example - Bi-Directional Battery Charger

5kW Battery Charger
  • Developed for University Research Projects and Laboratory Testing
  • CPT Can Develop and manufacture equivalent Bi-Directional Converters/Battery Chargers
  • DC-DC Module
  • Isolated Power Stage
  • Current Regulated Bi-directional Power Flow
  • Examples are: 24V - 650V DC; 110V - 650V DC; 340 V - 650 V DC
  • Output Compatible with Grid Connected Inverter Modules
  • Prototypes had Separate Control Power Supply

The 5kW Bi-directional Battery Charger Module project was designed to interface a Lead Acid Battery Bank System with a distributed DC bus. Power flow was required in both directions to ensure that recharging of the Batteries was possible.

This system could also function directly with a 5kW Grid Connected Inverter in the absence of modules on a distributed DC bus.

The battery voltage side operated over a 320 - 445VDC range with an isolated high voltage side of 550 - 750 V DC.

The unit was packaged in a Research Friendly 19" open frame construction, which readily allows easy access to the switching modules and controller.

The isolated RS485 MODBUS interface enabled system level control within the overall distributed power system. The Battery Charger was configured in a Current Mode by default.

Creative Power can design/develop equivalent technology utilising the advances in the field of bi-directional dc-dc converters, which includes their basic control and design construction improvements, that have occurred over the 10 years since this first system was developed.