PCB Layout

Custom Design

Creative Power has expertise developed over 30+ years in Printed Circuit Board design and layout.

Our circuit layout specialization is in the challenging area of Power Electronic systems development. This requires an ability to integrate Electrical Layouts with Mechanical Designs to optimise the development of Inverter Solutions for customers.

Key PCB capabilities

  • Altium Designer based board designs
  • Digital, Analog and Mixed signal layouts
  • Multilayer boards
  • Bus-based microprocessor boards
  • Isolated supplies (SMPS)
  • High Voltage isolation
  • High Current tracking
  • Power Electronic switching loop optimization
  • Power Electronic Gate Driver Layout
  • PCB based Power Electronic Power Stages
  • Moulding of PCB layout to meet mechanical constraints.
  • MCAD-ECAD Integration
  • Autodesk Inventor Integration
  • Full Mechanical Design through to Product Assembly Documentation