15kW Isolated DC-DC Converter


The 15kW DC-DC Converter is an isolated uni-directional DC to DC converter primarily tailored for operation with a 60-120V rated Fuel Cell power source.

This DC-DC Converter produces a galvanically isolated 650V DC bus. Dual Series Boost Stages are used to achieve the desired nominal 650V DC output.

External communication is via an external CAN System Controller.

The DC-DC Converter supports paralleling of Modules. This enables higher power conversion to be easily achieved. The output is current regulated to ensure sharing between modules.

An inter-Module CAN communications interface cable is required to support this paralleled Mode of operation.

    Technical Features

    • Dual Boost Stages
    • High-Current MOSFET based Interleaved Boost Stage
    • MOSFET based Resonant Bridge
    • Current Regulated Output
    • Output Voltage Droop
    • Galvanic Isolation – Input/Output
    • Output short-circuit Protection
    • Input and Output Over Current protection
    • Input Under & Over Voltage Detection
    • DC link voltage monitoring
    • Heatsink Over Temperature Protection
    • Input and Output Power Cable Disconnect Detection
    • Galvanic Isolation - Controller
    • Low loss/high efficiency operation
    • Water Cooled (3/8" Pipe)
    • 19” Rack Mounted Modular design
    • All Power connections at the rear of the Module
    • Isolated External CAN interface
    • Isolated Inter-Module CAN interface (for Master/Slave Connection)
    • Internal Data logging, as standard
    • Parallel Operation (Multiple Modules)
    • USB Debug interface
    • Controller Power Switch

    15kW DC-DC Converter Front Panel


    Technical Specifications

Input DC Voltage 60 - 120 V DC
Input Current 250 A limit per Module
Power Rating 15 kW maximum (per Module)
Output DC Voltage 550 - 700 V DC
650 V DC (Nominal)
Parallel Operation Fully Supported
Converter Efficiency >93%
Control Power 18 - 30 V DC with On/Off Control Switch (rear)
CAN 1 x External, 2 Inter-Module(rear panel)
Standard ISO11898-2, ISO11898-1 (2.0 A and B)
Isolation 2500 Vrms
Fail-Safe Outputs
Bus Fault Protection (-27 - 40 V)
Transient Immunity 50 kV/μs Typical
USB Debug Port USB 2.0 (front panel)
Construction 19" Rack 3U Height, Full Depth - Modular
Dimensions (mm) L: 650 mm
W: 483 mm
H: 133 mm
Weight 18 kg
Power Stage Cooling Medium Water Cooled
3/8" Pipe Inlet/Outlet
Flow Rate: 3 litres/minute
Inlet Temperature: 25°C maximum
Enclosure Cooling Forced Air Cooling
Front Panel Status LEDs 15kW_LED
Operating Temp. Range -10°C to 55°C
IP Rating 20
Humidity 5% - 95% non-condensing

    15kW DC-DC Converter Rear Panel



  • Technical Manual available from CPT via email inquiry