Microcontroller Programming

Custom Design

Creative Power's Engineers have been programming microprocessor systems since the 1980s and have extensive experience on both hardware and software development on a range of Microcontroller platforms.

Key Benefits

  • Extensive practical software support libraries
  • Extensive generic software support library structures
  • Extensive knowledge of Power Electronic Switching
  • Software and Hardware Integration for Power Electronic based inverter modules
  • Open and Closed Loop Control Development and Implementation
  • Closed Loop Power Electronic Software Development sped up through the use of Simulation tools
  • Multi-platform hardware/software development experience
  • Support for multiple programming languages
  • Specific expertise with Texas Instruments 28x and 28xx MCU range
  • Direct integration with Creative Power developed Hardware platforms
  • Simulation/Hardware Co-Development Environments


DSP/MCU Programming

Creative Power has extensive experience with the Texas Instruments TMS320F2xx and TMS320F28xx series Microcontrollers (MCU). Creative Power has developed a suite of design software that aids in reducing the development time for products based around this family of MCU controllers.

The bulk of Creative Power's Power Electronics product base has been developed from the Texas Instruments TMS320F28xx MCU family.

This software development suite enables the project focus to turn rapidly from the core software to the application as a whole.

PWM Software implementation

Creative Power has implemented all of the significant PWM algorithms for inverter control on its standard MCU based controller platforms.

This capability enables Creative Power to rapidly prototype variations of power electronic switching, as well as integrate the latest in high-level closed loop control algorithms.

Simulation/Hardware Co-Development Platforms

CPT has developed tools that enable Texas Instruments Microcontroller (MCU) code to be directly run within the simulation environment. This offers the advantage of testing and developing software within the simulation envirnoment with the confidence that it will operate on the actual hardware.

These tools make it possible to tune system control loops via the simulation.

On a recent project the hardware platform and system software had been developed through to the point where the detailed control loop tuning was required for transient performance. This process was conducted using the system software in the PSIM simulation environment whilst the engineer was travelling from Hong Kong via plane. After running through a series of simulations to enable turning, the revised software was uploaded upon landing into the hardware platform and worked without any further modifications being required.

This ability to use the actual system software whilst performing simulations reduces the chances of error and reduces the time to completion.

Creative Power uses Powersim's PSIM package for all of its Power Electronics Simulation.

Microprocessor Programming

Creative Power have a wealth of programming experience dating back to the 80C51 and 80196 series from Intel and the Z80 series from Zilinx to the latest Microcontrollers such as the Stellaris and ARM with the MSP430 series, as examples.

A wide variety of software functionality has been developed on these platforms including (to name a few) Battery Management, LCD Display, USB/PC interfaces and multi-processor communications...

All software is written in a manner that provides maximum portability between platforms.