TMS320F2837x based MCU boards


The Delfino TMS320F2837x contains a 32-bit floating-point microcontroller unit (MCU) and is available in both single and dual-core configurations. The TMS320F2837xD has a dual-core C28x architecture, with the TMS320F2837xS offering the same functionality in a single-core equivalent.

As a first entry into this new MCU range from Texas Instruments, Creative Power has extended its popular DA Series to include an interface card that can be used in conjunction with Texas Instruments' F2837x controlCard. This enables developers to quickly prototype actual power switching applications with the aid of the DA Series' established inverter controller platforms.

The new DF Series Microcontroller Platforms incorporate the TMS320F2837xS and TMS320F2837xD MCUs onto a dedicated card with interfaces to a reduced footprint Inverter Controller Motherboard.

The TMS320F2837xS and TMS320F2837xD are code compatible with the 28x range.

Controller cards that support the TMS320F2837xS and TMS320F2837xD PTP MCU:

  • The CPT-DA28377 is an extension of CPT's existing DA Series range which incorporates a Texas Instruments F2837x controlCard with the DA Series form factor. This provides a drop-in upgrade capability to any system using the DA Series interface. The card is designed for developmental work as the controlCard interface is not ruggedized for industrial use.
  • The CPT-DFCC cards form part of CPT's new DF Series. These are dedicated TMS320F2837xSPTP / TMS320F2837xDPTP platforms with external interfacing to the DF Series motherboard and communication peripherals. The card is available with a full range of PTP series MCU processors, as described below.

Email Creative Power or Phone for pricing and availability.

CPT-DA28377 - DA Series Compatible TMS320F2837x Controller

  • Texas Instruments Delfino F28377D controlCard compatible.
  • TI Part Number: TMDXCNCD28377D
  • 1Mbit Serial Flash (supports up to 16Mbit)
  • 12 off 12-bit 0 - 3 (3.3)V Analog Inputs - DA Series Interface
  • Isolated eCAN interface
  • 2 off 3V-TTL Serial Debug Interface
  • SPI interface
  • Digital Expansion Port
  • JTAG USB available on the F28377D controlCard
  • On-card regulator
  • 5V Supply
  • DA Series plug-in Compatible (compatible with CPT DA Series motherboards)

CPT-DF2837xS / CPT-DF2837xD - DF Series MCU Platforms

  • Compatible with the following Texas Instruments Microcontrollers
    • supports all Delfino TMS320F2837xS PTP
    • supports all Delfino TMS320F2837xD PTP
    • supports the Piccolo TMS320F2807x PTP
  • 1Mbit Serial Flash (supports up to 16Mbit)
  • 20 off 12-bit 0 - 3 (3.3)V Analog Inputs, with glitch filtering
  • Power LED
  • 85 pins of Multiplexed Generalised Digital I/O
  • Dedicated Communications Interface connector
  • On-card regulator to generate 3.3V/1.2V
  • 5V Supply Voltage
  • Programming via DF Series JTAG USB interface
  • Compatible with DF Series Motherboards
  • Compatible with DF Series Communications Cards