Bi-Directional Battery Charger


The Bi-Directional Battery Chargers were developed as standalone DC/DC modules that integrate directly with the 5kW Grid Connected 3 Phase Inverter Modules.

The battery chargers are currently available in two options, 2.5kW (40-65VDC Battery Voltage) and 5kW (320-445VDC Battery Voltage). The battery chargers interface to a nominal 650V DC bus. The Converter enables charging or discharging of the Batteries through bi-directional power flow.

The DC/DC Module is galvanically isolated. Its control power is independently supplied as the unit is primarily designed for laboratory microgrid testing.

Custom solutions can be produced in both isolated and non-isolated configurations to suit your specifications.

Creative Power specializes in the development of custom solutions to meet specific customer requirements. This is achieved through Creative Power's extensive "building blocks" of controllers and power stage designs. Contact us if our listed products don't quite meet your requirements.

Technical Features


  • IGBT based single-phase DC-DC Converter Module
  • Input current limiting facility
  • Input and Output Over Current protection
  • Heatsink Over Temperature Protection
  • Output short-circuit Protection
  • Input Under & Over Voltage Protection
  • DC link voltage monitoring
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Fan Forced Cooling
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • RS485 MODBUS interface - external MODBUS control compatible
  • Provision for fault memory recording for diagnosis & subsequent analysis of faults
  • Auto-restart on fault elimination



Battery Voltage 320-445V (5kW System)
40-65V (2.5kW System)
Battery Current 15A max. (5kW System)
50A max. (2.5kW System)
Bus Voltage 550-750V
Efficiency More than 93%
Operating Temp. Range -5°C to 55°C
Cooling Medium  Forced air cooling
Construction Modular
Dimension (mm)  
All Cubicles Overall  500(W) x 700(D) x 200(H)
Weight 50kg (Approx.)
Protection IP 20
Communications Modbus RTU



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