Battery Chargers

Battery Charger

Custom Designs ranging from 2-30kW, operating from either DC or 3 phase ac inputs, soft or hard-switched high frequency topologies.

Creative Power has manufactured battery chargers for Traction and microgrid applications.


Creative Power specializes in the development of custom solutions to meet specific customer requirements. This is achieved through Creative Power's extensive "building blocks" of controllers and power stage designs. Contact us if our listed products don't quite meet your requirements.

The following are examples of some of the products that Creative Power has developed for customers.

30kW Battery Charger

30kW Battery Charger
  • Active Rectifier Front End
  • 3 Phase 415VAC input
  • Isolated DC/DC power stage
  • Regulated 110V DC Nominal output
  • Battery Management System compatible
  • User Interface

Bi-Directional Battery Charger

5kW Battery Charger
  • DC-DC Module
  • Isolated Converter
  • Bi-directional Power Flow
  • Compatible with Grid Connected Inverter Modules
  • Separate Controller Power Supply
  • Developed for laboratory testing