CS-MiniDSP - Legacy Support Only


The CS-MiniDSP controller board is the second-generation main processor board of the MINI MICRO card series. It is a low cost, high performance MCU based controller, intended specifically for applications where a discrete BUS based system would be too expensive, and where time/money/resource constraints make a custom design impracticable. The card is designed around a Texas Instruments TMS320F240 MCU chip, which has been specifically optimised for use in digital motor/motion control applications, running from a 20MHz clock oscillator.

Technical Specifications


  • Designed with a Texas Instruments TMS320F240 MCU chip
  • Available as a plug-in daughterboard to a custom motherboard.
  • Requires off-card regulated +/-15V and 5V supplies.
  • Optional On-card supply regulation.
  • Altium/Protel footprint available
  • The CS-MiniDSP has 8 major sections:
    • TMS320F240 MCU processor
    • on-card memory
    • MINI BUS interface
    • Analog Inputs
    • PWM outputs
    • Digital I/O
    • Communications
    • ancillary support circuitry.
  • There are two configurations available of the card:
    • Standard version, which is designed to be a standalone MCU-based controller, and
    • Plug-in version, which is designed to plug into a custom-designed motherboard.

    The standard card is powered from unregulated ±18V DC supplies, and generates all necessary regulated voltages on-card. The plug-in card requires regulated +/-15V and 5V supplies to be provided from off-card

  • On-card facilities include:
    • A socket for a 64k x 16 EPROM
    • 128k x 16bit RAM, arranged as;

      - 64k x 16bit program RAM 
      - 32k x 16bit external data RAM

    • Power-fail circuitry
  • The card also has the following peripheral interfaces:
    • RS-232 serial interface
    • 3 wire clocked serial port (SPI master)
    • 1 off 16-bit TTL digital I/O, (2 off 8 bit I/O banks)
    • 16 off single ended analog inputs (+/-10V input)
    • 8 bit MINI bus interface (INTEL iSBX compatible)
    • 4 bit TTL digital input / external interrupt port
    • 8 PWM outputs, (3 off complementary pairs and 2 off independent outputs
    • On-card voltage regulation - analog voltage reference
  • Dimensions:
    • 200mm x 73mm (7.87" x 2.87")
  • The CS-MiniDSP is supplied with:
    • A built-in monitor, with serial port loader
    • Sample PWM software
    • Technical Manual