CS-GIIB - Generalized Inverter Controller


The CS-GIIB is a 4-phase leg integrated inverter controller designed for applications requiring a single simple platform, with the added flexibility of upgradability of the core MCU controller board. The board particularly suits development environments and provides the user with a standard CS-MiniDSP interface between the inverter motherboard and the core controller.

The core of the board has a CS-MiniDSP interface that enables a plug-in controller (such as the CS-MiniDSP or CPT-Mini2810) to provide overall system control. This structure provides a direct upgrade path for the board as a new core processor can be added to the system.

The system directly supports operation of off-card power stages with ratings up to 30kVA and 600Vdc.

The default gate driver output capacity is increased to an 8A peak using a transistor totem pole pair on the driver output.

Technical Specifications


  • The board consists of 6 major sections:
    • 8 off complementary isolated gate driver PWM outputs, with common fault interrupt
    • Isolated RS-232 serial interface
    • 16 off conditioned analog inputs
    • 4 off DAC outputs
    • LCD interface / Keypad interface / Digital I/O
    • Switch-mode power supply to generate all on-card supplies
  • On-card features include:
    • Serial Interface (Isolated RS232)
    • Quadrature Position Encoder input with Index
    • High speed clocked serial peripheral interface
    • 4096 bit serial ROM
    • Dual Temperature Sensors (digital)
    • Multiple off-card digital I/O ports
    • On-card DIP switches and status LEDs
    • 6 off AC current inputs
    • 3 off differential AC voltage inputs
    • 4 off differential DC voltage inputs
    • 2 off potentiometer analog inputs
    • 1 off general analog input
    • 4 off DAC outputs
    • 1 off 4x5-way keypad decoder
    • LCD interface, with contrast
    • 2 off MOSFET switch output
    • 8 off complementary isolated gate driver PWM outputs, with common fault interrupt
    • 8 bit MINI bus interface (INTEL iSBX compatible)
    • +24V isolated field supply
  • Dimensions:

    • 345mm x 200mm (13.58" x 7.87")