CPT-R09 - TMS320F2810 Controller


The CPT-R09 is a low cost, high performance MCU based inverter controller that is high-speed and flexible.

The board is based around a Texas Instruments TMS320F2810PBK or TMS320F2811PBK MCU and contains on-card all necessary functions to implement a complete inverter control system.

In addition the board has an external SPI interface with digital I/O Expansion capability as well as an isolated USB interface.

Technical Specifications


The CPT-R09 is a low cost, high performance MCU based inverter controller that has been designed to act as a central, high-speed, flexible controller.

  • On-card features include:

    • TMS320F2810PBK or TMS320F2811PBK MCU processor
    • 64k x 16 Flash (128k x 16 Flash on TMS320F2811PBK)
    • 1k x 16 OTP ROM
    • 4k x 16 Boot ROM
      • Software Boot Tables
      • Standard Math Tables
    • 18K x 16 Single Access RAM (SARAM) made up of:
      • L0 and L1: 2 Blocks of 4K x 16 Each SARAM
      • H0: 1 Block of 8K x 16 SARAM
      • M0 and M1: 2 Blocks of 1K x 16 Each SARAM
    • Serial Flash Memory with 1MbitĀ  of non-volatile storage
    • 1 off Power LED
    • 4 off indication LEDs
    • 4 off DIP switches
    • 8 off open-collector digital outputs
    • 2 off interrupt driven TTL-level digital inputs
    • 8 off TTL-level individually configurable digital I/O bits
    • 1 off SPI expansion interface, including chip selects
    • 4 off precision reference ADC inputs (for calibration purposes)
    • 12 off 12-bit 0-3V ADC inputs, with glitch filter and clamp diode protection
    • 8 off complementary TTL-level gate driver PWM outputs, with fault interrupt and enable
    • Reset/Power-On Circuitry
    • Power supply to generate all on-card supplies
    • Power supply operation from input +12VDC
  • The card also supports the following peripheral interfaces:

    • JTAG interface
    • 1 off clocked Serial Peripheral Interface (also enables external Flash reprogramming)
    • 1 off TTL level serial interface
    • 1 off isolated serial to USB interface