PCB CPT-Mini2810

The CPT-Mini2810 interface board is part of the third-generation processor boards based on the MINI MICRO card series. Used in conjunction with the CPT-DA2810 MCU processor card, it provides a high performance MCU based controller, intended specifically for applications where a discrete BUS based system would be too expensive, and where time/money/resource constraints make a custom design impracticable.

The card is designed to operate with a CPT-DA2810 circuit board that utilises Texas Instruments TMS320F2810 or TMS320F2811 MCU chips.

Technical Specifications


  • The board has 8 major sections:
    • CPT-DA2810 plug-in (required),
    • MINI BUS interface,
    • Analog Inputs,
    • PWM Outputs,
    • Digital I/O,
    • DAC Outputs
    • Altera MAX II CPLD
    • Optional Hysteresis Controller
    • Communications
    • Ancillary support circuitry.

    The board is designed to plug into a custom-designed motherboard (such as a CS-IIB, CS-GIIB or CS-IIC)

    The plug-in card requires regulated +/-15V and 5V supplies to be provided from off-card.

  • On-card facilities include:
    • Supplied with CPT-DA2810
    • 1 x TTL level serial interface with transmit control functionality (off-card RS-422/485 capable)
    • 1 x TTL level serial interface
    • 4 wire clocked serial port (can be configured for master/slave operation)
    • 1 off 16-bit TTL digital I/O ribbon connector, supporting 2 off 8 bit I/O banks
    • 16 off single ended analog inputs
    • Configurable hysteresis band controller
    • 8 bit MINI bus interface (INTEL iSBX compatible)
    • 6 bit TTL digital input / external interrupt port
    • JTAG Programmable MAX II EPM570T100C5N CPLD
    • 8 PWM outputs, arranged as 3 off complementary pairs and 2 off independent outputs
    • 8 selectable PWM outputs, arranged as 3 off complementary pairs and 2 off independent outputs
    • 4 DAC outputs (±10V)
    • On-card voltage regulation
  • Dimensions
    • 202mm x 73mm



  • CPT-COM - TTL Level Serial Card to RS232/RS422/RS485
  • CPT-COM-U - TTL Level Serial to Isolated USB
  • CPT-JTAG - Isolated JTAG Interface
  • CS-IIB - 2kW 4 Phase Leg Inverter
  • CS-IIC - 2kW Low profile 4 Phase Leg Inverter
  • CS-GIIB - Generalized Inverter Controller (essentially an IIB without the power stage)