CPT-IPS4L - 4 Phase leg 48VDC Inverter Board


The CPT-IPS4L is a four-phase inverter power stage rated at 48VDC, 5A mounted onto a single circuit board.

The board contains on-card gate drivers and conditioned analog circuitry.

It is designed to interface directly with TTL Level gate driver signals as found on the CPT-R09 and CPT-R19 controller boards.

Technical Specifications


  • Four-Phase Low Voltage PWM Power Stage
  • Output LC Filter on-card
  • Output LEM Modules for current measurement
  • Input 48V DC Supply
  • 600VA Rated Power Stage
  • Bulk DC Bus Capacitance
  • Compatible with CPT-R09, CPT-R19, CPT-DATS and CPT-DDTS Controller Cards
  • Dimensions:
    • 230mm x 213mm (9.06" x 8.39")


    • Not Applicable