CPT-IPS4 - 2kW 4 Phase PCB Inverter Power Stage


The CPT-IPS4 is a 4-phase leg inverter power stage rated at 5A, 400VDC mounted onto a single circuit board. The board has an identical footprint to the CPT-E13 controller and is designed to interface directly with that board.

The board also contains soft charge and main contactors, Electrolytic Capacitors and 4 off LEM current measurement modules.

Technical Specifications


    The CPT-IPS4 interfaces directly with the CPT-E13 controller. This power stage PCB is used within the ULK-INV4, which forms part of the EPLTS range of products.

  • On-card features include:

    • 4 Phase Leg Voltage Source Inverter (VSI)
    • 600V, 75A rated IGBT TO-247 Devices - Default: IKW75N60T
    • Dual DC Bus Configuration - 4 Devices (2 Phase Legs) per Bus
    • 13 off Electrolytic Capacitors connected in parallel (4 on Phase C/D, 9 on Phase A/B)
    • Full Power Stage disconnect from incoming supply
    • Soft charge relay, with visual status indication
    • Main Change-Over/Disconnect relay, with visual status indication
    • Support for AC or DC Source
    • On-Card single phase bridge rectifier
    • 3 off Phase Leg LEMs (measurements available via connectors)
    • 1 off DC LEM
    • Pull-down resistors across IGBT gates
  • Dimensions:
    • 275mm x 220mm (10.83" x 8.66")



  • Please refer to EPLTS documentation