CPT-IPS2F - 2kW AC-AC Single Phase Inverter


The CPT-IPS2F is a single-phase inverter power stage rated at 5A, 400VDC mounted onto a single circuit board. The power stage includes an input rectifier with soft charge relay, DC Bus capacitors and output LC-LC filter, with LEM module.

The board is designed to interface directly with the CPT-E13 range of controllers.

Technical Specifications


  • Single-Phase PWM Power Stage
  • Output LC-LC Filter on-card
  • Output LEM Module for current measurement
  • Input Soft Charge Resistor and Relay
  • Single Phase Rectifier Module
  • Bulk DC Bus Capacitance
  • Compatible with CPT-E13, or equivalent Controller Card
  • Dimensions:
    • 275mm x 180mm (10.83" x 7.09")


    • None Available