CPT-DFTS - DF Series Test/Development Platform


The CPT-DFTS provides a development environment for the CPT-DFCC MCU controller cards.

The card has a DF Series Main Interface for direct plug-in of the DF Series Control Card as well as ribbon cable connections for the DF series Communications and JTAG interfaces. The card has expansion IDC headers on its edge which enable it to interface to other cards.

In addition, the CPT-DFTS board can be configured via on-card jumpers to operate as a fully automatic test environment for the CPT-DFCC MCU controller cards.

The CPT-DFTS does not provide buffering or signal conditioning for digital signals from the CPT-DFCC as the Piccolo and Delfino Processors are fully configurable. Any buffering or signal conditioning on card would lock them into a particular capability. The CPT-DFTS is not intended for anything beyond development or testing use due to this limitation.

All analog signals are passed directly through to the DF Series Main Interface analog Header.

Technical Specifications


The CPT-DFTS board requires a CPT-DFCC Single/Dual MCU processor card to operate.

  • On-card features include:
    • 85 off LVTTL-level individually configurable digital I/O (GPIO) bits
    • 4 banks of 12-bit 0-3V ADC inputs (total 16/20 ADC Inputs)
    • 7 off power supply status LEDs
    • non-isolated LVTTL UART/JTAG Interfaces compatible with CPT-DFJ-DA card
    • DF Series Main Interface plug-in connectors (compatible with CPT-DFCC)
    • DF Series Communications Interface ribbon cable connection (compatible with CPT-DFCC)
    • DF Series JTAG Interface ribbon cable connection (compatible with CPT-DFJ)
    • Loopback support for GPIO pins
    • Reset push button
    • 12V Power Supply Input with reverse polarity protection
    • On-card (+5V) voltage regulation
  • Dimensions:
    • 180mm x 140mm (7.09" x 5.51")



  • Tech Brief - CPT-DFTS Technical Brief currently not available