CPT-DFM2 - Inverter Controller Motherboard


The CPT-DFM2 is Creative Power’s next generation high performance MCU based inverter controller motherboard. 

The CPT-DFM2 has been designed to provide flexibility of connection, combined with a minimum footprint for higher power applications (10kW+) requiring an integrated solution to control up to an eight-phase leg VSI stack.

The CPT-DFM2 is DF Series Compatible.

The CPT-DFM2/CPT-DFCC combination contains on-card all necessary functions for a complete standalone inverter control system.

Technical Specifications


  • DF Series Compatible
  • Default Load: CPT-DF28377D (see Peripherals for alternatives)
    • TMS320F28377DPTP MCU processor
    • Dual CPU / Dual CLA
    • Programmable Control Law Accelerator
    • 512k x 16 Flash 
    • 2k x 16 OTP ROM
    • Boot ROM
    • 102K x 16 RAM made up of:
      • 36k x 16 Dedicated and Local Shared RAM (18K/CPU)
      • 64k x 16 Global Shared RAM
  • Serial Flash Memory with 1Mbit of non-volatile storage
  • On-Card Status Indications
    • 1 off Power LED
    • 4 off indication LEDs
    • 4 off DIP switches
    • Each isolated Digital I/O has an on-card status LED
  • Isolated Digital I/O
    • 3 off isolated digital inputs (Field Supply)
    • 3 off MOSFET switch isolated outputs
    • 2 off relay output, c/o contact
  • Conditioned Analog Inputs (Low voltage inputs)
    • 3 off differential AC voltage inputs, (Three-phase 4-wire input compatible)
    • 3 off differential AC/DC voltage inputs
    • 5 off current inputs (AC and DC compatible)
  • 16 TTL compatible gate driver interface
    • 5V TTL ePWM compatible outputs
    • 2 IDC 20-way connectors, each containing;
      • 4 ePWM pairs
      • Fault feedback
      • Gate reset output
      • 5V TTL level power supply
    • Driven by ePWM 1-8
  • Dimensions:
    • 220mm x 130mm (7.09" x 5.12")


Gate Driver Options

  • CPT-E02 - SKYPER32 Gate Driver Interface Board (6 output SKYPER32 PRO based Gate Drivers)
  • Custom Gate Driver Options available upon request

DF Series Control Cards

  • CPT-DF28075 - TMS320F28075 DF Series Microcontroller Platform
  • CPT-DF28377D - TMS320F28377D DF Series Microcontroller Platform
  • CPT-DF2837xS - TMS320F2837xS DF Series Microcontroller Platform
  • CPT-DF2837xD - TMS320F2837xD DF Series Microcontroller Platform
  • CPT-DF28xxxx - Other Microcontroller Options available upon request