CPT-DFM1 - Inverter Controller Motherboard


The CPT-DFM1 is an Inverter Controller Motherboard designed for applications requiring an integrated controller solution to control up to a four-phase VSI stack. 

The default Motherboard configuration is capable of directly driving inverter power stages with ratings up to 30kW (1200V, 100A IGBT modules). The drive capacity can be increased through the use of alternative plug-in gate driver modules.

The CPT-DFM1 is DF Series Compatible.

The CPT-DFM1/CPT-DFCC combination contains on-card all necessary functions for a complete standalone inverter control system.

Technical Specifications


  • DF Series Compatible
  • Default Load: CPT-DF28377D (see Peripherals for alternatives)
    • TMS320F28377DPTP MCU processor
    • Dual CPU / Dual CLA
    • Programmable Control Law Accelerator
    • 512k x 16 Flash 
    • 2k x 16 OTP ROM
    • Boot ROM
    • 102K x 16 RAM made up of:
      • 36k x 16 Dedicated and Local Shared RAM (18K/CPU)
      • 64k x 16 Global Shared RAM
  • Serial Flash Memory with 1Mbit of non-volatile storage
  • On-Card Status Indications
    • 1 off Power LED
    • 4 off indication LEDs
    • 4 off DIP switches
    • Each isolated Digital I/O has an on-card status LED
  • Isolated Digital I/O
    • 2 off isolated digital inputs (Input Supply Referenced)
    • 3 off MOSFET switch isolated outputs (Input Supply Referenced)
    • 2 off relay output, c/o contact
  • Conditioned Analog Inputs (Low voltage inputs)
    • 3 off differential AC voltage inputs, (Three-phase 4-wire input compatible)
    • 3 off differential AC/DC voltage inputs
    • 5 off current inputs (AC and DC compatible)
    • 1 off MCU internal temperature sensor input
  • 8 off CPT-Gxx compatible gate driver interfaces
    • 3.3V TTL ePWM compatible outputs
    • 2 sets of 4 fault feedback interrupt
    • Driven by ePWM1x to ePWM4x via the DF Series Main Interface
    • Supports CPT’s range of CPT-Gxx gate driver boards
    • Switched Gate Driver Supplies to drive isolating transformers on CPT-Gxx gate driver boards
    • Gate Driver Reset signal
  • Quadrature Position Encoder input with Index and Strobe
  • Reset/Power-On Circuitry
  • Push Button Reset
  • On-card logic level supply generation
  • Power supply operation from input 24VDC
  • Dimensions:
    • 220mm x 130mm (7.09" x 5.12")


Gate Driver Options

  • CPT-G02 - Isolated HCPL-316J Gate Driver (2.5A Drive Capacity)
  • CPT-G03 - Isolated HCPL-316J + ZXGD3004E6 Gate Driver (6A Drive Capacity)
  • GPT-G04 - Thyristor Gate Driver
  • CPT-G05 - Fibre Optic Output
  • Custom Gate Driver Options available upon request

DF Series Control Cards

  • CPT-DF28075 - TMS320F28075 DF Series Microcontroller Platform
  • CPT-DF28377D - TMS320F28377D DF Series Microcontroller Platform
  • CPT-DF2837xS - TMS320F2837xS DF Series Microcontroller Platform
  • CPT-DF2837xD - TMS320F2837xD DF Series Microcontroller Platform
  • CPT-DF28xxxx - Other Microcontroller Options available upon request