The CPT-DFJ is a Communications Peripheral card within the DF Series Range. The CPT-DFJ is an isolated JTAG and Serial Communications Interface (SCI)/UART card. It provides an isolated USB interface for a Texas Instruments based microcontroller (MCU), as found on CPT’s DF Series Control Cards. The JTAG Emulator within the CPT-DFJ is the XDS100 V2. The CPT-DFJ JTAG Interface Card uses the same interfacing circuitry and EEPROM as Texas Instruments own controlCARD series.

The CPT-DFJ card mounts within the DF Series stack and uses the DF Series 10-way JTAG Interface for communication with the DF Series Control Card.

The optional CPT-DFJ-DA provides compatibility with the standard 14-way JTAG interface, as used on the DA Series cards. This 14-way IDC connector interface is standard across a large range of JTAG interface cards. In addition the CPT-DFJ-DA contains an LVTTL UART interface compatible with the DA Series cards (CPT-COM-U equivalent). CPT recommends use of the CPT-DAJ as the preferred companion for the DA Series cards.

DF Series Peripheral Cards are available with alternative communications interfaces. The currently available cards in this range are the CPT-DFC1, CPT-DFC4 and CPT-DFJ.

Technical Specifications


  • On-card facilities include:
    • Isolated JTAG Emulation (XDS100V2 emulator)
    • Isolation Interface (ISO7220CD)
    • ESD Protection on USB signals
    • EEPROM with Texas Instruments JTAG Emulator Definitions
    • 10-way DF Series JTAG Interface
    • DF Series Footprint
    • Also configurable for operation with DA Series Cards
      • 14-way IDC header for compatibility with DA Series JTAG interfaces
      • 4-way SCI header for compatibility with CPT’s 4-pin serial communications
    • Mini-USB PC Interface
    • Code Composer Studio compatible without additional hardware
  • Dimensions:
    • 96mm x 46mm (3.78" x 1.81")


Ordering Codes

Base Part Number
Standard Models CPT-DFJ DF Series Compatibility
CPT-DFJ-DADA Series Compatibility

Additional options for socket pin length, or direct soldered connections to the motherboard available by request.

Please contact Creative Power for pricing and availability.