CPT-DFC4 - Isolated RS422/485


The CPT-DFC4 is a Communications Peripheral card within the DF Series Range. The card contains an isolated RS422/RS485 interface, isolated CAN interface and an isolated Serial Peripheral interface (isoSPI format).

The card's isolated outputs are all powered via the DF Series Communications Interface. The CPT-DFC4 has switches on-card for selection of the active SCI and CAN ports. RS422 or RS485 can be selected via an on-card switch. The SPI interface can be selected for Master or Slave mode and the SPI MODE (0-3) is also configurable via on-card switches. These selections must match the software programmed by the user within the DF Series Control Card that forms part of the stack.

The CPT-DFC4 card mounts within the DF Series stack and uses the 26 way Communications Interface for communication with the DF Series Control Card.

DF Series Peripheral Cards are available with alternative communications interfaces. The currently available cards in this range are the CPT-DFC1, CPT-DFC2, CPT-DFC4 and CPT-DFJ.

Technical Specifications


  • On-card facilities include:
    • Isolated RS422/RS485 Interface
      • On-Card DIP Switch Selectable between SCIB and SCID
      • On-Card DIP Switch Selectable between RS422 and RS485 Mode
      • Support for Terminating Resistors
      • ESD Signal Protection
    • Isolated CAN Interface
      • ISO1050DUBR Isolated CAN Transceiver - ISO11898-2 Standard
      • Option of Mini-USB CAN connector or 0.1” Molex style
      • On-Card DIP Switch Selectable between CANA and CANB
      • ESD CAN Differential Signal Protection
    • Isolated SPI Interface (isoSPI configuration)
      • LTC6820IUD - SPI Encoder/Decoder
      • Bidirectional SPI Communications through a single twisted pair connection
      • Direction Selection: On-Card DIP Switch Selectable between Master/Slave
      • Mode Selection: On-Card DIP Switch Selectable Phase and Offset
      • Option of Mini-USB isoSPI connector or 0.1” Molex style
    • 26-way DF Series Communications Interface
  • Dimensions:
    • 96mm x 46mm (3.78" x 1.81")