CPT-DDTS - DD Series Test/Development Platform


The CPT-DDTS provides a development environment for the CPT-DD28035 Dual TMS320F28035 MCU controller board. The CPT-DDTS board has a Dual MCU Controller Interface and provides an on-card regulated power supply, non-isolated RS232 serial and CAN communications interfaces as well as 3.3V to TTL level translation interfaces.

In addition, the CPT-DDTS board can be configured to provide a fully automatic test environment for the CPT-DD28035 circuit board.

The CPT-DDTS board provides buffering and signal conditioning for digital signals to the Dual MCU Controller Interface. This includes level-shifting of the digital I/O between the MCU Controller Interface 3.3V and the external TTL level (5V).

All analog signals are passed directly through to the Dual MCU Controller Interface.

Technical Specifications


The CPT-DDTS board requires a CPT-DD28035, or equivalent, Dual MCU processor card to operate.

  • On-card features include:
    • 28 off buffered complementary TTL-level gate driver PWM outputs, with 4 grouped fault interrupt and enable signals (can also be configured as Digital Outputs)
    • 16 off TTL-level individually configurable digital I/O bits, with common interrupt
    • 8 off TTL-level interrupt and capture port inputs
    • 4 banks of 6 off 12-bit 0-3V ADC inputs
    • 3 off power supply status LEDs
    • 4 off non-isolated RS-232 level serial communications port
    • 12V Power Supply Input
    • On-card voltage regulation
    • 80-way MCU Controller Interface plug-in connector (compatible with CPT-DD28035)
    • Dual 26-way MCU Controller Interface plug-in connector (compatible with CPT-DD28035)
    • 2 Reset push buttons
  • Dimensions:
    • 140mm x 210mm (5.51" x 8.27")