CPT-DA2810 - TMS320F2810 Processor Board


The CPT-DA2810 is a low cost standardized MCU controller board designed to provide a fully flexible interface between the TMS320F2810/11 MCU processor and a user customised motherboard. The board has been designed to meet different user interface requirements whilst providing a 4 layer MCU core with basic on-board functionality.

The board uses a Texas Instruments TMS320F2810PBK or TMS320F2811PBK MCU, which is specifically designed for digital motor/motion control applications.

The board's 80 way interface connector is designed for rugged industrial environments through direct soldering into a CPT or custom motherboard. This configuration has been successfully used in high vibration environments. For developmental work the board can be socketed into the motherboard. This provides greater flexibility over the standard Texas Instruments demo boards, which are purely for use in a development environment given their fingered DIMM style connectors.

The CPT-DA2810 is DA Series Compatible.

Technical Specifications


The board is based around a Texas Instruments TMS320F2810PBK/TMS320F2811PBK MCU, which has been specifically developed for use in digital motor/motion control applications.

  • On-card features include:
    • TMS320F2810PBK or TMS320F2811PBK MCU processor
    • 64k x 16 Flash (128k x 16 Flash on TMS320F2811PBK)
    • 1k x 16 OTP ROM
    • 4k x 16 Boot ROM
      • Software Boot Tables
      • Standard Math Tables
    • 18K x 16 Single Access RAM (SARAM) made up of:
      • L0 and L1: 2 Blocks of 4K x 16 Each SARAM
      • H0: 1 Block of 8K x 16 SARAM
      • M0 and M1: 2 Blocks of 1K x 16 Each SARAM
    • Serial Flash Memory with 1Mbit of non-volatile storage
    • 1 off Power LED
    • 2 off indication LEDs
    • Reset/Power-On Circuitry
    • Power supply to generate all on-card supplies
    • Power supply operation from input 5VDC
    • The CPT-DA2810 card also supports the following peripheral interfaces:
    • JTAG interface
    • 1 off clocked Serial Peripheral Interface (also enables external Flash reprogramming)
    • 1 off 3.3V-TTL serial interface
    • 1 off 80 way Connector with:
      • 12 off 12-bit 0-3V ADC inputs
      • 2 off Serial Communications Interfaces
      • 1 off Enhanced Controller Area Network (eCAN)
      • 2 off Event Managers
      • 3 off Interrupts
      • Power Supply
      • Reset
  • Dimensions:
    • 110mm x 55mm (4.33" x 2.17")



  • Software Libraries - Available at rates for Educational Institutions
  • CPT-COM - TTL Level Serial to Isolated RS232/RS422/RS485
  • CPT-COM-U - TTL Level Serial to Isolated USB
  • CPT-DATS - DA Series Development / Test Board
  • CPT-JTAG - Isolated JTAG Interface
  • CPT-E13 - Integrated Inverter Controller Board
  • CPT-ITB - Integrated Thyristor Controller Board
  • CPT-Mini2810 - MiniDSP compatible interface board with on-card CPLD