CPT-COM-S - Isolated Bi-directional SPI


The CPT-COM-S is an isolated Bi-directional SPI Interface board designed for direct connection to the CPT-E13 controller board range.

The standard CPT-E13 provides a master-only isolated SPI output on-card. For applications where a master-slave configuration is required, the CPT-COM-S provides a simple interface board with a differential SPI.

The EPLTS inverter range has the CPT-COM-S available as an optional add-on (option code +SPI-BI with the ULK-INV4).

Technical Specifications


  • Isolated Serial Peripheral Interface
  • Master/Slave Compatibility
  • CPT-E13/CPT-DA2810 compatible interface
  • Differential Signals
  • On card Supply generation
  • Link Selectable Power Supply Source
  • Notional 1000V Isolation (with on-card dc/dc converter)
  • Connector to provide off-card power supply for 3kV Isolation




  • None Available