CPT-COM-B - TTL to Isolated RS232 Interface


The CPT-COM-B provides an isolated RS232 output from a 3V TTL Serial input. The board is designed to be used with the Creative Power range of MCU/MCU Controller cards. The 3V TTL Serial interface is the standard interface available on almost all Creative Power controller boards.

The CPT-COM-B board is powered from the 3.3V supply on the 3V TTL level connector. The isolated supply can be powered via an on-card DC/DC converter, an external 7-20V supply or from an on-card 9V battery

Technical Specifications


  • Features:
    • Link Selectable Power Supply Selection
      • Optional off-card 8V - 25V Power Supply
      • Optional on-card +5V isolated supply
    • Link Selectable Power Supply Selection
    • Link Selectable DCE/DTE cable compatibility
    • 1000V Isolation between 3.3V-TTL level signals and RS232
    • HCNW-4503 - Optocoupler used for Isolation
    • DB9 or IDC header for RS232
    • 9V Battery Holder on-card
  • Dimensions:
    • 60mm x 78mm (2.36" x 3.07")