4 Phase IGBT Inverter Test Set (ULK-INV4)


The ULK-INV4 is a flexible 4-phase leg inverter system developed for the Power Electronics teaching environment. It provides both undergraduate and postgraduate students with a complete digitally controlled (up to) 2kW inverter platform.

The system has at its core a standalone inverter controller that interfaces to a 2kW rated four-phase leg IGBT based power stage.

The ULK-INV4 controller is powered from a universal single-phase input (85 - 265VAC), which is separate to the power stage connections.

External interfaces provide expansion capability for user programmed applications.

The ULK-INV4 is controlled via an isolated USB Serial Port interface. The PC user interface can be acccessed via the dedicated ULK-INV4 graphical interface software, or alternatively through a standard terminal serial program.

Key Features


Configurable AC Modes
Single-Phase Voltage Source Inverter (VSI)
Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverter(VSI)
Four-Phase leg Voltage Source Inverter(VSI)
Two separate Single Phase Voltage Source Inverters (VSI)
Configurable DC Modes
Buck Converter (low and high side switching)
Boost Converter (with in-built boost inductor)
H-Bridge (Phase Angle Controlled)
Phase Shifted Square Waves (PSSW)
Mode Selections
Three-Phase AC Reference Definition
Normal (simple sinusoid)
3rd Harmonic Injection
Centred Switching
30° Discontinuous Switching
60° Discontinuous Switching
120° Discontinuous Switching
Switching Levels (single-phase AC or DC only)
Two Level Switching
Three Level Switching
Voltage vs. Frequency Operation
Independent Voltage & Frequency Control
Constant Volts-per-Hertz (V/f) Control
Fundamental Angle Control Type
Phase Angle
Switching Sampling Strategy
Buck Converter
High Side Switch
Low Side Switch
Boost Converter
Low Side Switch
Closed Loop Regulation
PI Control (Proportional + Integral)
PR Control (Proportional + Resonant)
PI for DC Systems
  • Support for in-line clamp-on current meters
  • Built-in protection, with relay disconnect
  • Fuse Protected Power Stage input
  • Isolated logic interfaces
  • Simple Interface
  • Safety Shrouded Power Connectors
  • User Programmable
  • Built-in software supporting all Inverter Laboratory Experiments
  • MCU Controller is upgradable
  • Specifications


      Power Stage
      Configuration4 phase leg, TO-247 IGBT’s
      Input Voltage0 - 265VAC single-phase; 0 - 400VDC
      DC Bus Voltage Range0 - 400V maximum
      Input Current15A (maximum)
      Switching Frequency500Hz - 10kHz (maximum)
      Power2kW, with either single or 3/4-Phase operation
      Bus Capacitance:DC Bus 1 (1320uF), DC Bus 2 (2970uF)
      CoolingFan Forced
      Ambient Temperature -5°C to 55°C
      Control Supply
      ConfigurationIndependent isolated Control logic power
      Input Voltage85-265V /50-60 Hz AC input.
      Control Interfaces
      Start/StopButtons available on Top Panel
      CommunicationsIsolated USB serial interface
      Isolated Clocked Serial Interface Port (user programmable)
      Position EncoderIsolated Digital Quadrature Encoder Input (user programmable)
      User ProgrammableYes - Isolated JTAG Interface (requires JTAG Programmer)
      MCU ProcessorTexas Instruments TMS320F2810 (CPT-DA2810)
      Digital Output Interfaces
      RelaysTwo off Changeover Contacts (user programmable)
      MOSFETOne off Digital Output (user programmable)
      Analog Measurements
      Currents (internal) DC Input Current (when operated from a DC input)
      Switched phase leg A, B and C.
      Voltages (internal)DC Bus 1 Voltage
      DC Bus 2 Voltage
      Voltages (external)DC Voltage
      2 off AC Voltages (common neutral).
      Control Signal IsolationYes
      Power Stage IsolationYes - from all control interfaces
      Power Stage ConnectorsSafety Shrouded 4mm Socket
      Protection DC Bus Over Voltage
      IGBT Desat
      Over Current
      Fuse Protection - Power Stage
      Fuse Protection - Controller
      Dimensions (WxLxH) mm390 x 495 x 275


    • Optional:
      • Isolated Bi-directional SPI Interface - +SPI-BI

    side panel



    • ULK-INV4 provided with built-in MCU software that supports operation of the Inverter in many different configurations.
    • PC based user program for Laboratory Use
    • Default MCU Software image provided on support CD
    • Creative Power can produce custom software variations to suit specific customer requirements.

    To simplify the use of the inverter within the teaching laboratory Creative Power has developed a GUI that allows the focus to remain on the teaching of power electronic concepts, rather than the configuration of the inverter. When an operating mode is selected the Inverter Status box displays the appropriate phase legs to be used for the output.

    The graphical user interface software is available as standard with the ULK-INV4. It provides a consolidated display showing the Inverter Status, selected operating mode and the value of the PWM parameters relevant to that mode. The user can modify these settings, as appropriate, through the graphical interface.


    The following pictures provides an example of the mode selection process within the ULK-INV4 graphical interface. In this instance the mode of operation to be selected is Three Phase PWM, with Sinusoidal PWM and Phase Control.


    In addition, there is a detailed Analog Measurements mode which displays the value of all available analog quantities. Note that this display should be used in conjunction with appropriate external measurement equipment, such as oscilloscopes and multimeters.


    GUI Software compatible with Windows 7 and above