DSP240-LPI - TMS320F240 Based Controller


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The DSP240-LPI controller is available in very small quantities for service replacements to existing products. It is not available for sale for new designs.

The DSP240-LPI controller board is an inverter controller that was designed for applications requiring a single board solution to control a three or four phase VSI stack.

Technical Specifications


The DSP240-LPI card is based around a Texas Instruments TMS320F240 DSP chip. It contains on-card all necessary functions for a complete standalone inverter control system.

  • On-card features include:

    • Socket for a 64k x 16 EPROM, accessible as I/O space
    • 128k x 16 RAM, accessible as 64k program and 32k external data space
    • Serial ROM with non-volatile storage for 256 x 16 bits of data.
    • On-card DIP switches and status LEDs
    • Power-fail circuitry.
    • 8 isolated Gate Driver outputs
    • Isolated RS-232/422/485 interface
    • SPI Interface
    • Position Encoder
    • Switch-mode power supply to generate all on-card supplies.

    • - DC/AC input up to 415VAC
  • Dimensions:

    • 275mm x 220mm (10.83" x 8.66")
  • Inclusions:

  • The DSP240-LPI was supplied with:

    • A built-in monitor, with serial port loader
    • Sample PWM software
    • Technical Manual