2.5kVA Bulk Inverter

The 2.5 kVA inverter uses MOSFET and IGBT technology arranged in a double conversion topology to convert a nominal 110V DC input supply into either a 110V or 240V AC single phase 50 Hz output supply. This topology offers substantial efficiency and weight benefits compared to a conventional single stage design.

The first conversion stage uses high frequency switching to boost the input DC voltage to an intermediate high voltage bus. The second stage pulse-width-modulates the link voltage to produce a switched single-phase AC output voltage, which is then internally filtered to produce the final pure-sinusoid output waveform.

The unit was designed for underslung mounting on a railway coach, with an enclosure that could withstand shock impacts. The unit is naturally cooled and is used in environments subject to extreme thermal cycling and prone to monsoonal flooding. The unit was manufactured by a third party company to CPT's design.

The converter operation can be readily monitored and adjusted using an isolated UART interface.

Creative Power specializes in the development of custom solutions to meet specific customer requirements. This is achieved through Creative Power's extensive "building blocks" of controllers and power stage designs. Contact us if our listed products don't quite meet your requirements.

Technical Features

    • Sinusoidal Output
    • Capability to directly drive motors, airconditioners, domestic loads
    • Isolated
    • On-board LED status and external input, ouput and fault status
    • Configuraable Parameter setting via Plug-in module
    • Silent Operation
    • Naturally Cooled
    • Available in alternative Packaging configurations

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage 90-140VDC +/-15% ripple
Output Voltage 110Vac / 220Vac, Single Phase
Frequency 50Hz
Efficiency >92%
Operating Temp. Range -5°C to 55°C
Cooling Medium  Natural air cooling
Construction Modular
Isolation Galvanic
Protection IP 65