25kVA Static Inverter

The 25kVA Static Inverter was designed and manufactured for underslung mounting on railway coaches.

The Inverter uses IGBT technology to convert a nominal 110V DC supply into a 415V AC, 3 phase, 50Hz power supply for air-conditioning units and associated loads, such as coach fans and lights, fans, compressors etc., that are installed in conventional coaches in international markets.

The inverter operates by boosting the input DC voltage to establish an intermediate 600V DC link voltage & modulating this link voltage with a three-phase IGBT bridge to produce a pulse width modulated three-phase voltage. The Inverter output is internally filtered to produce a pure sinusoidal output waveform.

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Technical Features


  • IGBT based single-phase DC-DC Converter Module
  • Input current limiting facility
  • Input and Output Over Current protection
  • Heatsink Over Temperature Protection
  • Output short-circuit Protection
  • Input Under & Over Voltage Protection
  • DC link voltage monitoring
  • User Interface: LCD/Keypad, with LED status display
  • Communications: Isolated RS-232/USB Fault Download Data

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage 90-140VDC +/-15% ripple
Output Voltage 415Vac, 3 phase
Frequency 50Hz
Efficiency >93%
Operating Temp. Range -5°C to 55°C
Cooling Medium  Natural air cooling
Construction Modular
Protection IP 65