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April 2015 - Creative Power Release DF Series Inverter Controller Platforms


Creative Power has released its newest Inverter Controller range - the DF Series. The DF Series brings the processing power of the latest Texas Instruments Microcontrollers to a new smaller footprint controller range.

February 2015 - Creative Power Supports RMIT Electric Racing


Creative Power and RMIT University have released the latest Laboratory Experiments for their Electrical Power Laboratory Test Sets. These Lab Experiments are designed for the EPLTS to provide a comprehensive Power Electronics practical training platform for Engineering students.

February 2015 - Creative Power Supports RMIT Electric Racing


Creative Power continues its support of the RMIT University Formula SAE Team. The RMIT Electric Racing team once again finished first in the EV category and 7th overall. The team is also available via its Facebook page here. The auxiliary control system is powered by one of CPT's CPT-DA2810 controllers. CPT is a bronze sponsor, providing design, programming and circuit board layout support.

December 2011 -

2011 has been CPT's busiest year yet, with 2012 looking even busier.

Thanks to all our customers and suppliers for a great 2011 and we look forward to next year! 

October 2010 - New Student

Our second 2010 exchange student Christina is with us until early in 2011.

August 2010 - CPT-E13 - Low cost DSP inverter controller

The CPT-E13 is a low cost, high performance DSP based inverter controller that has been designed for applications requiring a single board solution to control up to a four-phase VSI stack. 

The board is Used in conjunction with the CPT-DA2810 DSP processor card which is based around a Texas Instruments TMS320F2810PBK DSP. This DSP has been specifically developed for use in digital motor/motion control applications, and  the CPT-E13/CPT-DA2810 combination contains on-card all necessary functions for a complete standalone inverter control system.

Check the CPT-E13 page for more information or email us.

Exchange Program -

The first of our 2010 exchange students has just left us. It was good having Marta around and we hope she enjoyed her stay at CPT.

Exchange Program
Our 2008 exchange student Jens is with us until the end of November.

New CPT website
The CPT website has had a significant overhaul to better showcase our products and services.

New Products & Boards 
Some new products and boards have been added to the website and can be easily checked out by visiting theProducts page. Remember, CPT specialises in custom design so feel free to contact us with your ideas. 

FEC 2007 - August 2007 
This year's CPT sponsored team of students from Monash University have come runners up in the 2007 Future Energy Challenge.

The 2009 Future Energy Challenge will be held at Monash University!

New Products- Nov 2006 
Head over to the Products section to find new boards and new products including the Watts2C PowerMaker for remote power generation, and the CPT-DA2810, a low-cost standardised DSP controller board.

More Products & New Student - Ausgust 2006 
More Products & New Student - In the coming months there will be some new products detailed on this site. We will also be taking on a new German work experience student (Claudia) in September. The second half of 2006 is looking very busy.

New Engineer - January 2006
Toke, our 2005 work experience student has returned to Germany after 3 months of working with CPT. We wish him well with the remainder of his studies and look forward to seeing him back in Australia in the not too distant future.

Exchange Program - Sep 2005 
September has seen the arrival of our 2005 exchange student, Toke Franke from Germany. Toke will be with CPT until the end of the year and will be involved in many different projects. This is a continuation of CPT's support of work experience students.

Media Alert - August 2005 
A CPT sponsored team of students from Monash University has won the Future Energy Challenge. Check the news report by following this link to CNN (link no longer live).